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Publicity Units

Media Unit

This unit arranges Press Conferences, Press briefings and Press Tours of media persons and keeps liaison with Press, Radio and T.V. The Media Unit is entrusted with the work of issuing of daily Press Releases. It also issues Press Accreditation Cards to reporters and camerapersons and arranges other press related facilities for them. The Media Unit also maintains a well-furnished Press Room (renamed as Media Facilitation Centre) for the accredited journalists at the Delhi Secretariat, where the facilities of fax, telephone, computer and television etc. have been provided for the reporters. A modernization plan is underway to modernize this Press Room by equipping it with the stateof the art facilitating equipments. Unit also organizes regular meetings of Delhi Press Accreditation Committee to finalise issue and renewal of accreditation cards to the journalists covering Delhi Government beat and to discuss issues pertaining to welfare of the Delhi-based journalists.

Research and Reference Unit

Research and Reference Unit provides ready reference material for different publicity oriented activities and is an integral part of the functioning of this office. Under this unit a library is being maintained, wherein reference books, periodicals and newspapers are kept. About 20 newspapers are scanned daily for news and around 27 hard copies of news clippings are prepared everyday and sent to LG, Speaker and Deputy Speaker, Chief Minister and Ministers, Leader of Opposition and some Secretary/ Principal Secretaries. A system of e-media clipping is being introduced wherein these clippings are mounted in the Directorate's website and can be freely accessed by public.

Advertisement Unit

This unit organizes the publicity of Delhi Government through advertisements in print media.Release Order of display and classified advertisements of various departments are issued on a day to day basis. There are 11 Group ‘A' agencies and 62 Group ‘B' agencies empanelled by the GNCTD. Lists of these agencies are placed in the relevant section of this website.

The concerned advertising government department invites all the 11 Group ‘A' agencies and gives them the brief on the subject and these agencies prepare creatives and submit them to the brief-giving department. On receipt of creatives, the advertising department sends them directly to the Principal Secretary to Chief Minister or may route the same through the DIP for obtaining approval of the Chief Minister. After obtaining approval of CM, the advertising department does the media release by obtaining the DIP number from the advertising unit of the Directorate of Information and Publicity. It is noteworthy that the proper Government Department of GNCTD shall compulsorily get the creatives made from the 11 Group ‘A' empanelled agencies at a rate similar to Government of India's DAVP print media advertising rate. The noteable exception however is the Directorate of Information and Publicity which can utilize the services of both empanelled Group ‘A' and Group ‘B' agencies of GNCTD at a rate similar to DAVP. Further, the profit oriented PSUs, Corporations and other bodies of GNCTD can may utilize services of both Group ‘A' and Group ‘B' agencies, but only at a commercial rate.

So far as giving of any advertisement to print media, souvenir etc at commercial rate is concerned, the proper Government Departments need to compulsory obtain the creative approval of the Chief Minister, GNCTD and financial concurrence of the finance department of the GNCTD. This procedure is followed because the concerned Head of the Department has the full financial powers to sanction money for publicity at a prescribed rate (rate similar to DAVP rate or a rate approved for DIP by the Finance Department of GNCTD), but they do not have powers to sanction money for publicity at commercial rate. The profit oriented PSUs, Corporations and other bodies of GNCTD may only take the approval of the Chief Minister of GNCTD on the creative to be given for advertisement since they advertise only at commercial rates.

It may be noted that on the important occasions of national importance such as Independence Day, Republic Day, Gandhi Jayanti and New Year etc. public awareness campaigns on relevant issues are also undertaken by the DIP and it issues advertisement not only to the empanelled print media of GNCTD but also to other DAVP empanelled print media who have made advance request in writing to the Director, DIP. A list of such occasions of national importance is placed in the relevant section of this website.

Publication Unit

Besides printing publicity literature, calendar, telephone directory etc. this unit also publishes booklets, brochures, handbills and posters from time to time pertaining to important achievements and the campaigns of Delhi government. Trilingual monthly magazine ' Dilli Masik ' (in Hindi, Punjabi & Urdu) is brought out by this Unit. Annual Working Reports of the Government of NCT of Delhi in Hindi and English are published by this Directorate. This Directorate has undertaken a project to compile district profiles of all the 9 revenue districts of Delhi .

Film & Video Publicity Unit

This unit is responsible for the productionof the documentaries, short films,and docu-feature films pertaining to the publicity of the Delhi government. The procedure for making documentaries, short films and feature films is to go for limited or open tender, depending on the estimated cost of the film. But it is desirable to go in for 2 bid tender and the technical bid need to be compulsorily approved by the CM, Delhi before it is sent to finance department for financial concurrence. The unit also gets 'spots' for TV and 'jingles' for radio made for projecting Delhi Government‘s achievements. Departments can get such spots or jingles made either directly through TV and radio channels or through production company who agree to make these creatives free of cost and mount the approved creatives (by CM) on the channel at rate that is similar to DAVP rate. Head of Departments of Delhi Government have full power of sanctioning money for publicity at prescribed rates (rates either similar to DAVP or rates of DIP). Channels or production house, as the case may be, prepare these spots or jingles free of cost and recover their production cost out of the mounting cost or its commission to be received from the channel where the spot or jingle has been mounted. If the channel or the production house are asking for production cost for making spot or jingle separately, it is considered as a commercial rate and the codal formalities of limited or open tender, as the case may be, shall be gone through.

A weekly programme titled " Delhi Round Up" is telecast on Doordarshan channel I at 7.15 PM on every Friday, reflecting the developmental activities and programmes of the Government of Delhi undertaken during the week.

Directorate of Information and Publicity have made short films on subjects such as Bhagidari, traffic, education, regularization of unauthorized colony, bed & breakfast scheme in 2007-08. This directorate has also commissioned an hour long docu-feature film on Delhi titled “ Delhi : India in One City ”. This film is at an advanced stage of preparation and is likely to be aired on national & international TV channels by the end of 2008.

Photo Unit

Photo unit arranges photo coverage of the functions and activities ofvarious departments of the Government of Delhi and releases photos to Press and Television for publicity. It also prepares photographs for exhibitions and photo albums. A plan in underway to digitalize all the photo-stock available with the Directorate. Another plan in the pipe-line is to organize annual photo-contest and photo-exhibition from 2008. The unit subscribes to the professional, journals and website on photography and proposes to develop a photo-achieve on Delhi Government. Photographers in the Directorate are issued the latest digital cameras in the Nikon series.

Field Publicity Unit

This unit organizes photo-exhibitions and cultural programmes to highlight the policies and programmes of the Government and also puts up banners, kiosks, electronic boards & hoardings for the information of general public on important issues and for mounting different campaigns of Delhi Government. This Directorate has mounted about 100 outdoor creatives on Bus Queue Shelters, and public utility sites. This Directorate has mounted about 600 panels on the achievement of Delhi Government inside metro coaches in two major routes of Metro network in Delhi .

Organizing photo exhibitions is a regular feature of the Department and the exhibitions are put up in different parts of capital on various occasions like Gandhi Jayanti, Trade Fair etc.

This unit also organizes functions like Shaheedi Diwas, Gandhi Jayanti, Madan Mohan Malviya Jayanti and participates in the state level functions on Independence Day, Republic Day, Bal Diwas, New Years Day etc. and looks after their publicity.

This Department also presents the tableau of Government of NCT of Delhi for Republic Day parade every year.

Hospitality Unit

This unit arranges hospitality for the press reporters and other media persons on the occasions of press conferences and press meets of the dignitaries of Delhi Government. 
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